Query on Property Distribution

Question: Country: Pakistan Salam. My late father promised my late uncle that after selling his property he would give him 1 crore pkr. At the time of promise the value of property was 14 crores plus, my father even got offer to sell property for 14 crores, but he...

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Tariqah of Imam al-Ghazali

Question: As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah What silsila and tariqa was Imam Ghazali rahmatullah alayh a part of? I am aware that all four are correct means towards marifah, but as we are studying one of his books in our Majlis, I am interested which silsila he and his...

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Ṣadaqat al-Fiṭr in Cash

Question: Country: United Kingdom There are an increasing number of salafi articles saying that zakat-ul-fitr can only be given in the form of food and not cash. Can you address this? Is it permissible to give cash? (Question published as received) Answer: In the name...

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Silk Clothing for Men

Question: How much Silk percentage does Imam Abu Hanifa allow to have in one’s clothes? Can I wear a shirt which has less percentage of silk in the fabric? (Question published as received) Note: The question is in regard to men wearing silk in the hanafi school....

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Wearing a Watch in Ṣalāh

Question: Country: Pakistan Is it allowed to wear metal or steel watch during namaz? (Question published as received) Answer: In the name of Allāh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful It is permissible to wear a watch made out of steel or other metals in namaz...

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Query on Sajdah Sahw

Question: Country: India Assalamu alaikum, I have read from heavenly ornaments that sajda sahw become wajib if I recite fatiha or tasshud twice. So, what if I repeated the last three to four words of first sentence of tashahhud (wa ala……….. saaliheen) before recitng...

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Reciting Qur’ān Aloud in Audible Prayers

Question: Country: South Africa When praying alone in loud prayer can u recite aloud? (Question published as received) Answer: In the name of Allāh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful When one is performing those ṣalāhs wherein the qur’ān is recited loudly alone,...

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Maximum Period of Breastfeeding

Question: What is the maximum period of breastfeeding according to the hanafi madhab? Is it 2 years or 2.5 years? (Question published as received) Answer: In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful There is a difference of opinion in the ḥanafī madhhab...

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