Concern Regarding Qualifications and Halal Income

by | 24 Oct 2021 | Ḥalāl & Ḥarām, Q&A


Assalamu alaikum respected ulema, I am a male nurse from ***** and my question is rather complicated or shaytan made it look that way. I couldn’t find any other solution other than asking you for help.

My question: I enrolled in a private nursery college, that had a department close to me, but the centre was 150 km away. In department there were no lectures offered, only in centre. In department we could only take exams. Because it was too far and I didn’t want my parents to struggle, I was skipping most of the lectures and I never had an issue by doing so. I finished my college and soon I should be working. After I graduated I had constant dark thoughts that I did wrong and that my income is going to be haram. I sent a question to my Uni and they said that the lectures are mandatory, but when I was attending no one forced me to go and I took exams and passed them. When I graduated I realized of the flaw and that I didn’t get much knowledge (or I did but it was not long term) and I started forcing myself to learn more and more. I didn’t forge any signatures and I didn’t cheat on exams. Is my income haram?

(Question published as received)


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Your concern with regard to your income being halal is indeed commendable. May Allah Ta’ālā make it a means of goodness and blessings for you.

I have consulted those who are involved in the education field and my understanding is that although attendance of lectures is deemed mandatory by colleges and universities, a student’s failure to comply with this does not deem their qualification invalid. The qualification is awarded by the university in accordance to how well the student has demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of the subject through different means such as assessments and examinations. You have stated that you have not cheated in any examinations therefore your qualification is valid and your income is halal (permissible).

And Allah knows best

Mufti Abdullah Mulla

29 Safar 1443 / 6 October 2021



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